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Chapter 4: Ascending the Dark Throne

The woman sat in her ship. She sat on a chair in the main hold with her hands in her brown hair. She sighed and looked up, thinking about what happened. For three years now, Varia Amenor, also known as the Jedi Exile, had been traveling within the Unknown Regions, in search of Revan. She had already visited many planets, seen incredible things. She sighed once more, stood up, took her lightsaber on her belt and exited the Ebon Hawk...

Kreia looked shocked at me. I shouldn't be surprised, if I were her, I would also be shocked. "You... you killed him. Why?" She asked me, and I could hear the sadness and grief in her voice. I looked down, and sighed. "I was driven by the Dark Side. I was driven by greed and lust for power. I was driven by jealousy and love..." I replied. "Love? You killed him out of love?" I could hear the disapproval in Kreia's voice. "No, it wasn't like that. I was blinded by the Dark Side, but now I see things clearly. Now the Dark Side does not blind me, but it helps me understand." I said a bit angry. She stood there, looking emotionless at me. "What did you hope to achieve with such a crude act?" I looked at her. "What do you think I wanted to achieve? He stood between me and the direct line to become Dark Lady of the Sith. He had slain Malak, so the Sith wouldn't recognize me as their leader, and he wouldn't allow it. So I had to kill him..." I answered Kreia's question with pain in my voice. I saw her looking at me, disgusted. "And? Did you enjoy your rule over the Sith? Because if I am right you never took up the rule as Dark Lady of the Sith. You have slain a man, a great man, for nothing." I looked down as she said that, smiling a bit dark. "It isn't as you presume..." I looked up, looking into her ghostly eyes. "Since the Sith have no true leader, and they are scattered and defeated, they could use a new leader, one who is strong in the force..." Kreia's ghost looked at me, in her ghostly eyes I saw her disapproval. "Then so be it..." I kept looking at her, now knowing that Malachor was *mine*. "Kreia, your time on Malachor is over, a new Sith Empire shall rise from this place. You don't need to guard this magnificent Sith Altar, you can leave this place." I saw Kreia would love to leave this place, yet I felt her spirit had some attachment to the Trayus Core, but eventually she decided. "Very well, if there is no need to guard this place, then I shall finally rest, truly rest." She turned and looked at something. I tried to find out what it was, but she turned back to me. "Take what you need from my sarcophagus. It contains nothing more than my Sith lightsaber and my Sith Robe, you may take it as you are Traya's successor." After saying that, I saw her spirit fade away, finally going to the Force Netherworld, where she could truly rest. After that I walked towards the small sarcophagus, standing in the center of the claw-like altar. I opened easily with the force, and looked inside. What Kreia said was true, I saw a black robe, folded, and a lightsaber laying next to it. I took it out of the sarcophagus and infolded the robe...

Yuthura sat patiently in the main hall of the Trayus Academy. She felt a shift within the energies here. Where she first felt a small light in the storm of darkness, now she felt the light faded away, and the darkness completely took over. She felt pain from inside, as her last connection to the light side disappeared in this place. She was now completely alone, except for the person who came to Malachor. Eventually Yuthura opened her eyes and looked around, all was the same. The hall was completely deserted, yet she felt something getting closer. She stood up and took some steps backwards, hiding behind one of the pillars. She waited until she heard the door open. She then heard a familiar voice. "I know you are here, Jedi, your connection to the light side makes it easy for me to find you." Yuthura knew that, and she knew hiding wouldn't bring her any benefit. She took her purple normal lightsaber and switched it on. "Yet the Dark Side was blinding you, because I was here all the time..." She came from behind the pillar and stood in the middle of the hall, looking at a familiar person, dressed in a black robe. She eventually recognized her, it was the one who travelled with Revan to Dantooine, shortly after Yuthura's redemption, and just before the attack on Dantooine. I knew her name, Bastila Shan, it was. "Ah, look what we have here, Yuthura Ban wasn't it? The one Revan saved from Korriban. How touching..." Bastila said with a dark grin on her face. Yuthura looked at her, remaining silent and waiting patiently. Eventually Bastila shook her head an draw her lightsaber, it was red, like that of a Sith. "You are truly blinded, Bastila, and deafened. You don't have to continue the dark path, you can still turn back." Bastila laughed cynical and looked at me, with her dark yellow eyes. "It is already too late, my journey towards the Dark Side started years ago, and now it is complete." She stood in the Ataru opening position. "Prepare to face the new Dark Lady of the Sith!" She then ran towards Yuthura and attacked her, thereby opening a duel between them. Yuthura found it very difficult to fight with her, because she had no support of the force. She tried to remain focused, but she felt Bastila was not only attacking her physically, but also mentally...

I looked at Yuthura and knew victory was mine. While attacking her and defending myself with my new lightsaber, I attacked her also with the force. I tried to penetrate her mind, and turn her against herself. The new robes I wore gave me a deeper connection to the force. Eventually I saw a mistake in Yuthura's defense and I knew I should take opportunity. As she tried to stab me, I jumped to the left side and sliced her hand of with one quick strike. Her lightsaber fell on the ground, as did she fell on her knees, screaming out of the pain. I had to end her, so I used the force to left her of the ground and crushed her with it. Then I threw her against a wall very hard. She then fell lifeless on the ground, and I knew she was gone. One thing remained to be done, something that would bring the Sith to me. I used the connections of Malachor to the force and I felt the wound that was caused during the Mandalorian Wars. Revan's teachings had taught me what to do, and I tapped into the wound, and created another one, a smaller one but draining the last bits of life out of Yuthura. I felt how the echo started to travel. Soon the Sith would be here...

"She will destroy you..."
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