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Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Sorry, but it is equally narrowminded to presume that most Christians hold that view, true or not. I was raised to be a Catholic, and I was never taught any such belief. In fact, none of the large variety of priests that visited my church ever espoused such a view, nor did any the various non-clergy community leaders there. I have met a grand total of three Christians in real life who have ever said that homosexuality is wrong but never at any point said that gays will burn in hell.

I personally could care less what anyone does in bed as long as it's consensual and healthy, and either way it's not my business.
Well then maybe it's just the Christians that live around here. They gave the openly gay kids at our High School hell due to their sexual preference. They were absolutely the "fanatics" who believe that their religion and whatever else was right. One kid even told a mormon that he was going to Hell because he was a mormon... but I digress. You're right, it was a generalization that was unfair.
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