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"We discovered she had a sedative in her bloodstream when I was paged. It was too risky to look for a clinic, so the obvious choice was to come here. She seems like a nice girl...her name strikes me as odd though. I believe I've heard that name before, or something similar. I believe it to be a krogan name," Chiron confirmed what Kallic had just said.

Chiron chuckled, most likely at Kallic's sudden change of disposition, but to him it was natural, he was salarian, emotional frequency and change was constant, one minute he could be as serious as a heart attack and the next laughing over it; it was all due to their short lives, but to him it was all moot.

"Planning on working your charm?" Chiron asked, Kallic wasn't sure he was serious or not.

"Charm? Can't say I will, salarians not romantically oriented...Mmm, inclined, whatever; very short lived, very unlikely long lived asari would fall for spastic little amphibian who's biggest concern in life is their mating/breeding terms...Rights, you get the idea. Already had my time with breeding, middle aged, still capable of breeding, but done with those concerns - DNA passed on children everywhere, know very few of them, have closer relationship to third cousin than to most well known son or daughter, shame I know." Kallic paused, staring off as his mind wandered then snapping back to reality as he stared at Chiron with a smile. "Still, have to wonder what it would be like to have committed relationship, and see DNA passed down to longer lived offspring, see what fruits such genius could bear with thousand year lifespan, though....."

Kallic stopped himself and shook his head in amusement, he wasn't going to go into the details of asari reproduction and how they technically didn't take on the DNA of their partners, it was too long, and too complicated.

"Unpredictable? Thats a comforting thought..." Tuhrop remarked, taking steps toward the comatose asari.

"Yes, I know, don't like it either, but can dig up information on her later, use old STG skills, nothing to worry about Captain. Will personally ensure I watch her in the meantime so as to make sure she doesn't get up to anything," Kallic reassured his turian Captain.

Tuhrop chuckled at Kallic's comment, "Are you implying my ship needs a "womans touch", Kallic? And technically, she isn't a woman. But I'll talk about possible recruitment with her when she awakens. She does owe us for this, after all."

Kallic chuckled to himself, shaking his head, "Not 'implied', no, blatantly-bashed-over-the-head is more like it. Have to admit though, beyond Selia - who is no relief to the stress mind you - we see few females aboard the ship, even as passengers, always good for morale, not meaning any of this in a derogatory way, but natural fact that opposite gender often creates positive stimuli for males confined to ships, less violence too: unless fighting over said female of course. So in the end it works both ways."

The salarian processed his thoughts for merely a second before continuing, "And, also correct Captain, she isn't a woman; man and woman are human terms, I male salarian, she is female asari - as they all are - but that does not make me man, nor her a woman. Very astute observation Captain, always knew I liked you for more than your demeanor."

Quirinius' hand suddenly fell from the bed, Kallic's head and eyes snapping instantly to attention on the movement, mostly by instinct, but he remained still as the Captain had already moved to retrieve the loose appendage and strap a monitor strip to it.

"If she took something that halted her bodily functions, then best to keep an eye on her for now." Tuhrop said, staring at his crew.

"Already assessed that need, Captain, Chiron agrees, we - more like he - will be keeping her on longterm observation for now, at least until I deduce the last ten percent of the syringe's contents. Small amount, but unaccounted for, potentially fatal to her health if not assessed and dealt with," Kallic mused.

"I will be holding a conference in the next half hour, in light of recent events." The Captain announced.

"Will that include one of our new guests?" Chiron asked.

"Will probably pertain to all of our guests, lot of sapient traffic around here recently, very unsettling, will have to lock up study. Most likely meeting will be more about cerberous vessel and the data we retrieved - would've offered STG experience and skill to help Captain decrypt files, after all, position on ship is for intelligence and information - but was busy during expedition and recovery of said data, Captain knows not to bother me when working, quite understandable. Will have to help later," Kallic responded to Chiron's remark, almost oblivious to the fact that the Captain was still in the room, but this was yet another natural trait of Kallic's.

The humbly dressed amphibian turned to the Captain and bowed his head in his direction, "Will be at the conference - on time this time, too - will analyze syringe, hopefully with Chiron's help, in the meantime. Will it be in the general quarters ((the ship's living room basically)) or galley? Oh, and should I bring the asari if she comes-to?"

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