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Kallic assumed correctly: everybody was expected to attend. Including the pilot.

"Will be at the conference - on time this time, too - will analyze syringe, hopefully with Chiron's help, in the meantime. Will it be in the general quarters ((the ship's living room basically)) or galley? Oh, and should I bring the asari if she comes-to?"

"The general quarters will do perfectly..." Tuhrop looked abit sheepish. "I've just realised very rarely do we hold a conference between crew members. Depends upon our circumstances."

"And yes, if the Asari wakes up and is a stable condition, she is invited to come along." And with that, Tuhrop left the medical bay.

__________________________________________________ ________

Half an hour later, Tuhrop and Ulrich were standing around the quaters awaiting for everybody to show up.

"Have we figured out on what to do with the data, sir?" Tom said, after a long silence. Tuhrop glanced down at him.

"Thats why I'm holding a crew conference. I want everybody's opinion on this; this data is worth more trouble then it is."

"If it belongs to Cerberus, should we not take it up with the Citadel Authorities?"

Tuhrop gave a pfft. "We are within the Terminus Systems. The Citadel Council doesnt give a vorcha's ass about them. I doubt they'll be kind to lend us a hand."
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