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Iíve made a mod that adds a playable version of Drunken Master style in game. It does less damage than the original but can be improved with style points like any other martial style. The question is how do I add the name and description of this style in dialog.tlk? I mean, I know that this style should be added to items.2da and the columns STRREF_NAME and STRREF_DESC should give the numbers of the corresponding entries in dialog.tlk, but how do I chose in which entries to place the name and description? Do I just pick any entries that do not contain any data yet (say, just for example, 2770 for the name and 2771 for description) or are there certain sections of dialog.tlk where such things should be placed? For instance, "such things should be placed in the section between 50,000th and 70,000th entries". Are there rules of such kind or do I just pick whichever entries that are empty?
As far as I can tell, there are no rules among Jade Empire modders who gets to homestead which part of the dialog.tlk. The game engine itself doesn't care and unfortunately there's no tool like the TSLPatcher for this game. That means, it's all up to you. The only advice I can give is, to install the mods you would like yours to be compatible with and take it from there.

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Also I have a question concerning the game itself. Whether I get Eyes of the Dragon or Crimson Tears they look the same. Can anyone tell me if it is how it's supposed to be or it's a glitch? And if it is, then could you post a screenshot with Crimson Tears, please?

Thanks in advance, people!
Nope. No glitch. There's three models for the dual swords but only a single model for the dual sabers: J00_DblBFly02.
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