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Hi, Sir Chris Avellone

Originally Posted by Chris Avellone - Lead Designer of KotOR 2 - TSL - on OE board

"From the Casting Doc we sent to LucasArts...
  • PC - varies, depending on what you want your character to look like.
  • Atton Rand is 29-32.
  • Handmaiden, Disciple, and Visas Marr are all 25.
  • Kreia looks 50, but like Yoda, who knows.
  • T3 was built in K1, so he's only had 5 years of hard living.
  • Mandalore is 63 in Mandalorian years.
  • Mira is 23.
The others are not specifically referenced, but you can probably backtrack from their histories in the game to figure it out. "
I think that for Brianna (Handmaiden), she is not 25. It is not possible according to some calculations that have been developed, in French, concerning the calculation of the trial date of Arren Kae (which allows deducing the Brianna's birth date).

In essence, when exiled, Arren Kae joined her disciple, Revan, in the Trayus Academy. Revan discovered this Academy in 3963 BBY therefore the trial of Arren Kae takes place, at the earliest, in 3963 BBY.

Can it take place later? In 3962 BBY or 3961 BBY BBY?

No, because the trial is triggered by the discovery that Arren Kae has a girl of 10 at the time of trial.

If the trial takes place in 3963 BBY, Brianna is 22 during KOTOR 2.
If the trial takes place in 3962 BBY, Brianna is 21 during KOTOR 2.
If the trial takes place in 3961 BBY, Brianna is 20 during KOTOR 2.

As we can not rejuvenate Brianna below 22 years, we retain a trial date the earliest possible, either 3963 BBY, and so, Brianna's age is 22 during KOTOR 2.

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