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Hi Sith Holocron,

Atris to the Exile during the return to the Polar Academy :

107799 :
These Sith are cowards, striking from the shadows to kill Jedi. I needed a target to draw them out - but I could not risk my own life, all that remained of the Jedi.

107800 :
So I arranged for you to return to the Republic, leaked information of your past, and then waited for the Sith to come. And they did.

Module 262TEL
File 262TEL_dlg.erf
Dialog atrend3.dlg

If TSLRCM installed

Module 262TEL
File 262TEL.mod
Dialog atrend3.dlg


In a conversation with HK-50 in Peragus :

Module 103PER
File 103PER_DLG.erf
Dialog hk50.dlg

How did they find out I was a Jedi?

Surprised Answer: Why, I told them, master. You are the exiled Jedi who served with Revan in the Mandalorian Wars, are you not?

I hope all that has happened has not been the result of a miscommunication. If so, then the problem lies with the coreward databases, which are notoriously spotty.

That information wouldn't have been in coreward databases... only in Jedi archives.


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