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I never did actually. I was thinking perhaps an emulator might work, but I never got round to actually trying it. I suppose I should have posted this but, as it turns out, I did manage to get the game functioning properly again. It all started when I decided to play the game through and see if I could get through it without pausing, because I knew what would happen if I did. I managed to get the the "Escape from Theed" level, fought my way to the section with the tank, moved under the bridge, and the game froze. SO then I had to shut down the game using task manager.

It was then I thought to myself I should make a new copy and see if that works. While copying from one disc to another the original failed to copy several music files but everything else worked fine. I tried out this new disc and amazingly the main screen worked, as well as the pause screen, words, etc. It turns out that, while the reason the game screens flickered was due to a heavily scratched disc, the ingame crashes were due to corrupted sound files. Now various sections of the game are suddenly eerily quiet...

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