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"Takeda...what happened to you? You seemed...happier a year ago then you are now. I don't know what happened to you since I left the village but I think something changed inside you."

Takeda let his arms drop as he stared at Karela. What had happened to him? That was an excellent question. Many things had happened to him since Karela and the others left the village.

Takeda had become a Jonin, and even taught some Genin. However the Genin all viewed Takeda as too tough on them, that he was constantly pushing them to their limits.The problem wasn't in his intentions, more how he went about it. Since the others left, Takeda has had a difficult time getting to know others. He fears he'll get connected to someone, only for them to leave him.

His missions were much different from when he was a Chunin. That wasn't a problem for Takeda. The problem was once again in his actions. He usually took missions to take down dangerous shinobi. He would not show emotion during any encounter, only the determination to complete the mission.

" can tell me what happened. I swear I won't tell anyone else."

Her words, they were she understood. His hands tightened into fists. He couldn't let his guard down, he wouldn't be abandoned again.

"Not again," Takeda said turning away.
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