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((Alright, time for us to reach the mountains.))

"Not again,"

Karela shook her head in confusion. She couldn't figure out for the life of her what was wrong with Takeda. Although she was still curious and very worried about him, she couldn't spend anymore time on him. They were coming close to the mountains and once they arrived she would have to discuss what to do next with Akagi and his remaining samurai.

"Well Takeda...I have to get going. I need to discuss our next move with Akagi and his men. If you wish to join the meeting and offer your own ideas then your more then welcome to."

She turned to look at the villagers and then turned back to Takeda. "If you ever do want to discuss whatever it is that is bothering you then you can always talk to me."

Karela then walked away and moved to where Akagi was. "I don't think the enemy shinobi are following us anymore, if they really wanted to then they would have caught up to us by now. We're only a few minutes from the mountains and I want to have a meeting with you and your men about what our next move is once we arrive."
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