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Anyway the E-11 with scope is only a segment in a larger project I am trying to make. I always wanted to make a mod for Siege. I always found the current Siege a bit unattractive since all the combat is pretty much carried out by explosive weapons and area attack weapons (DEMP2, concussion launcher). Iconic weapons like E-11, DL-44 and Bowcaster are pretty much redundant.

So far I have made most of the coding to modify weapons and classes. Reducing almost all explosive/area weapons to minimum. Increasing blaster bolt speed. Detpack would now play the key role for objectives, I set a timer for it and a primitive defuse concept which is if you hit and blow the detpack it does 0 damage but if the timer goes off it does 9999 damage. Etc. Etc.

Well a huge amount of work still awaits since I want a map for it. Well my brother is pretty skilled at mapping but at this point is he say it's not worth it since so little people still play JKA. Yes it is a reasonable question I should ask my self too.
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