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US Supplies Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

Arizona is in the news again, this time for supplying the Mexican drug cartels with weapons as 20 people were arrested Tuesday accused of buying hundreds of AK-47s in US gun stores.


When did the Assault Weapon Ban expire? I know it couldn’t have been during fellow Texans George W Bush’s term since he campaigned on keeping the ban in effect.

I’m a gun owner and former NRA member, but I have no problem with banning Assault Rifles and high capacity magazines. I also find it overly silly that the ATF requested a change in policy that would make gun dealers report the sale of two or more long guns. However, the NRA is protesting the proposal because it may infringe on someone rights (Yea, the rights of the Mexican Drug Cartels it would seem). It would just make the regulation the same as it is with handgun. The NRA’s logic pretty much explains why I am a former member. As it is now, someone can buy 140 firearms for $104,251. cash and it isn’t reported to the ATF.

This thread is not about gun control there are other threads for that. This thread is about the Assault Rifle Ban, High Capacity Magazines and the ATF request to be notified about two or more long rifle sales.

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