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The assault weapon ban was lifted during the Bush presidency. I know this because sale of large caliber weapons(.50 cal) spiked after the election of Obama(because he's for stricter gun control). I believe it was in '06. Bush may have campaigned on it, but his fellow Republicans campaigned on NOT extending it. Since the president does not make the laws, it was up to Congress to extend the assault weapon ban.

I do agree that is should be reported for large sales of firearms. But 140/20 means it was around 7 weapons each. That in itself might not get anyone's attention if they went to 7 different shops, on 7 different occasions.

This isn't much news really. I know of a shop that was recently shut down for selling firearms to people specifically to be taken to Mexico. They were probably sold at the gun store that was shut down. I would guess those records are what led them to the people who were trafficking them.

I personally think the assault rifle bans were too vague. You could take a legitimate hunting rifle and change the grip and stock and it would suddenly be an assault rifle by the rules. Some people(myself included) tend to enjoy firing military weapons. My favorite is the M14, but the AR-15 and AK-47 have their bonuses.

As for the NRA... I'm more on the side of RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. If it were up to the NRA, rocket launchers would be legal... for hunting purposes I guess...

High capacity magazines.. well.. I say keep them. I don't need them, because I can reload pretty effing fast(I usually have a new clip in before the spent hits the ground). Even if they were banned, I know people who could make their own(and likely would).

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