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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Well first off, some couples shoot together, so purchasing two at once wouldn't be out of the realm of likely scenarios.
Again so what? If someone isn't up to “no good”, what is the problem with a report being made to the ATF? Reporting 2 or more to the ATF would enable them to track if someone went to 10 places and bought 2 or more if they are up to “no good”.

If mom, dad and little Timmy all get a hand gun then they are reported to the ATF now. I haven’t heard of the ATF knocking down doors and imprisoning families for hand gun purchases. The ATF never knocked on my door even though I have purchased more than one hand gun at a time in the past year.

Next question is if anyone is against or for (unsure of the technical term) tagged “signature” ammo (ammo that is designed to be easily traced)? It is another case where I really don’t have a problem with it if it will make law enforcements job easier. My only apprehension about it is that the game warden may also be able to trace exactly who shot that deer.

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