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Meh, I'm actually for all firearms being reported. Because lets face it, they are as aware of the laws as we are(usually more so) so if we put an allowance of only 1 without being reported, they'l just hit more shops. So report all firearm sales. Then the ATF can get triggered with the same person purchasing multiple firearms from multiple shops.

I've never had a problem with "Signature" ammo except that it will increase ammo costs(my .50 cal will be even more expensive... $12 per round? Meh I'd still get it lol). Heck I wish we could get the ammo thing from Judge Dredd where each round was tagged with the user's DNA lol

@Ping: LOL that's a funny catch.
But I disagree. Many civilians like to own military grade firearms. Technically there isn't a need for the general public to own most firearms, but they do. Security firms and private bodyguards tend to use varying levels of protection. They are still civilians, but may have to protect people from a serious threat.

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