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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
They are still civilians, but may have to protect people from a serious threat.
What serious threat? The Mexican Drug Cartels that we are also supplying the weapons to? We continue to sale assault rifles to protect ourselves from the treat caused by out lax gun laws. That makes perfect sense to me.

I’m semi-torn on the Assault Rifle ban, I really don’t want U.S. lax laws supporting criminals either here or across the border, but I also don’t want to punish responsible gun owners. I’m more of the opinion that Assault weapons that can be converted to automatic should be banned. Other than target practice and collectors there is no real legit reason for a civilian to own one. Home defense? Buy a shotgun.

I also feel high capacity magazines should be banned. I fully understand people can make their own. I also know people can make pipe bombs, should we make pipe bombs legal just because people can make them? I’d rather take my chances with a person that has the training and expertise to modify a firearm than continue to allow it to be convenient for people like Loughner to have easy access. Like Tommycat wrote, there is no real reason for anyone with any experience with firearms to need them, so they are useless to begin with for someone experienced with firearms. However, for someone like Loughner, with limited firearm experience, they can be very useful.

Would any of this stop gun violence? No

Would it slow gun violence down? Perhaps

If Loughner would have not had the high capacity magazine, he may have had to reload sooner thus giving the citizens a chance to stop him sooner. There is no way of know either way. What I do know it is far too convenient to purchase guns in this country for people that are up to no good.

I agree with you, Tommycat about responsible gun ownership. I have always advocated that the person that purchases a firearm is responsible for its use. It is time for states and the federal governments to write that into law. You buy a gun for someone that later uses that gun in a crime, then you should be held accountable for that crime. Please don’t give me that, but what if the gun was stolen. If it was stolen, then how could you be held responsible for its use? I hope people are at least smart enough to know you have to file a police report for a stolen weapon. It is also necessary to file the report to recover the cost from your homeowners/tenant homeowner’s policy.

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