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@mimartin: It's usually private firms like Pinkerton, Securitas or any number of people that do a great deal of traveling abroad. Granted, for nearly all instances, a simple hand gun is more than will be needed with properly trained security personnel. but there is something to be said for having something visible and scary.

As I said, I could take or leave high capacity magazines. Then again, as "Wild" Bill Hickok said, "I don't want to be killed on account of a lack of shootin back." Though times are significantly different now.

As for home defense, I have already stated in other threads that a shotgun is ideal for that. An M16 M14, AK-47 or any other "Assault" weapon is a poor choice for home defense. And even for Z-Day defense. They all require a steady well aimed shot. A shotgun has the advantage of 1) the sound of the rack being scary. 2) Pointing it in the general area of the target usually scores a hit 3) there are several "less than lethal" ammo types. And finally, 4) they don't have as much penetration power, so you don't accidentally kill little Timmy sleeping in the room behind the perp.

As for the stolen gun thing: Yeah... There are two problems with those arguments. First, you were an irresponsible owner who did not properly secure your firearms when not in use. I find it funny that people will lock their car, lock their doors, put their money and important papers in a safe, but put their firearms in a shoebox... yeah, like a thief won't know to look in shoeboxes... The second is, as you said, being an irresponsible citizen for failing to report the firearm stolen.

I don't know about Laughner. I think not having a small count is why he was unprepared to reload. I know I prefer the smaller round capacity so I know the count. Counting to 30 while running the course I have leaves too much room for a mis count or a double tap to have you too far off. But no telling honestly.

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