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[PS3]The Retrieval Challenge and Dash + Force Push

Ok, this challenge is driving me nuts. I have fallen to my doom countless times, and then I watch the YouTube video of some guy literally "flying" all the way across and back with this combo: Dash, Dash + Force Push, Jump, Dash, Dash + Force Push; completing the challenge in like 22 seconds!!!!

This combo is awesome.... but I have only been able to execute it successfully maybe twice in a hundred attempts. The problem for me is always the Dash + Force Push... I am failing at that combo, as I can only get the boost of the Force Push maybe 25% of the time... the other 75%, it either skips the push and just does another dash, or SK stope in midair and does a force push, then falls like a fool.

Is this my own personal lack of timing? Is there a "better way" to do this move, am I pressing buttons improperly?

This and the first challenge are my only obstacles to the Platinum trophy... 90% and still a long way to go...

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