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Originally Posted by Zwier Zak View Post
sam said blah blah
I am all for LA making a sequel to one of the MANY better titles.

I am also for LA finishing the Starkiller story, either in game form or novel, as this thread is suggesting.

A friend made a good argument to me why SK in TFU2 is not a clone but actually the real dude. I have agreed with this all along, despite the arguments here and elsewhere... an intuition thing, and a Canderous-like acceptance that "this is the Force we're talking about here."

So, IMO, TFU3 should have Starkiller go through the experience of regaining himself... with demons to fight (he killed several Jedi masters and has murdered countless thousands)... and ultimately finding his death, either way. Starkiller must die, sadly, or some incredible explanation...

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