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Originally Posted by Kalaxia View Post
Have you tested this and know if this works for sure? It doesn't appear to be doing anything for me... at least the vitality boosts that I can see are not increasing health at all.

I'm aware that already-generated mobs in savegames won't pick up buff modifications like this, but I even made sure I was using brand new areas at level 8 where the mobs were (I believe) definately spawning from scratch when zoning to someplace brand new. Even tried to start a new game.

I also tried removing every mod, just to make sure another script wasn't messing with it. Also tried compiling my own ncs from your script. Nothing for any of them.

I remember the old k_ai_master script (like talchia's) would work, but the k_def_buff one doesn't seem to even do anything.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have tested it, but that does not mean I have tested all of the correct circumstances. Sorry

Can you please provide me a couple of the "situations" that you were in where you expected to see a difference in gameplay, and did not? As in, location in-game (planet, as specific as possible, a whereami coord would be really helpful)?

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! I will work on it immediately!

EDIT: I think that the problem must be in how k_ai_master calls k_def_buff. I will investigate this, I would guess that currently the level 8+ bonuses are being skipped entirely because k_def_buff was defined to start working at level 12+. Hopefully I am right on this brainstorm and can find the conditional quickly!

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