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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I have tested it, but that does not mean I have tested all of the correct circumstances. Sorry

Can you please provide me a couple of the "situations" that you were in where you expected to see a difference in gameplay, and did not? As in, location in-game (planet, as specific as possible, a whereami coord would be really helpful)?

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback! I will work on it immediately!
I just tested the same savegame 2 different ways, zoning into a new undiscovered area (which should generate brand new mobs):

Zone: Vulkor base level 2
Mob types: vulkors and droids

1st test> Your k_def_buff file - No health or difficutly seemed to be increased on either mob type.

2nd test> Removed k_def_buff and put Talchia's k_ai_master in - you can see the health pools and difficulty definitely increase.

In theory the k_def_buff file looks like a good way to do it, but I think Talchia purposely copy/pasted that out of there and into the k_ai_master for a reason. Seems like it works better inside the k_ai_master directly... and I have no idea why

I'm totally with you on the fact that the k_def_buff file should theoretically be easier to modify and tweak.. but it just doesn't seem to be working? And I think Talchia maybe knew this? Or maybe it only works with like Jedi mobs or something?

TBH, I would really like to have Talchia's uncompiled script to modify, but I could not find it anywhere If you know where I can download that, I'd love to know.

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