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Juhani Cant Fly

Sometime during the aftermath of KOTOR: A confused look at an emergency

The piece is irreverent, and amusing in turns. Two different crew members suggesting spaying Juhani made it even more confusing.

Dark Lord Tea Party

Not linked as such to KOTOR: When you're the heavy, sometimes you have to hang with the same type of people.

The villains are nothing if not amusing. Sauron running around in an apron, Voldemort complaining that the opponent that had bested him was almost 2.

Early Morning Rendezvous

Post KOTOR on Manaan: A secret assignation.

The piece was supposed to be a fluff piece, but turned out way too serious. The angst was well done, and Jolee looking for a bowl of popcorn was just icing on the cake.

Pick of the Week

An Unwelcome Recollection

Post KOTOR on Coruscant: Revan talks with Jolee about their first meeting on Kashyyk

The piece carries an intersting view because people tend to forget Jolee must have seen them on Kashyyk when they came through the first time. His characterization of Malak being not only weak but probably a coward was I feel a bit harsh.

The Darth Malak Redemption
Malak Gam

Several centuries Post KOTOR: The son of a cloned Darth Malak is raised among the Jedi
Remember conversation breaks. It's Echani, not echini. If this is supposed to be the Yoda from the series you're not talking a few centuries, you're speaking over three millennia

Touching Humanity

Post KOTOR: Carth won't take no for an answer

The piece is smooth and at the same time ragged. The idea that they would have littered the plains of Dantooine with statues of Bastila among others. Having Carth almost drag Revan into his room to have his way with her.



Post TSL: Revan would have decided to pick such a boring place to hide.

The piece is cute in that the Exile is so ticked off, it's surprising she wasn't alone when she arrived.

Fragments of Rebellion
Katara Ironarm

KOTOR on the unknown planet: Bastila plots regaining her love

The piece is well done, if a bit fragmented.

He Watches

KOTOR en route to Korriban: Carth has to take...matters in hand.

The piece is fun because being my age, I remember many times where I have refused to flirt with a woman because of the age difference. Like Carth here, I have been blindsided by those younger women.

Pick of the Week


KOTOR on the unknown planet: Bastila gives Revan visions of what can be

The piece is excellent, Revan seeing all the things he could do if he returned to leadership of the Sith. It is sort of what you might from the bible story where Jesus is offered the world.

Nothing left to lose

KOTOR aboard Leviathan: Carth discovers he still has things to lose.

The confrontation between Carth and Karath is little seen in these pages, yet this is a well wrought piece because even as he is dying, Karath can't resist getting in a few more digs, The idea that he told Malak that there was a Jedi Academy on Telos is funny considering where Atris chose to set up hers.


A series of vignettes: Maybe Elena meant plot gizka

It's an interesting ensemble; Juhani as a bounty hunter working for Kang, Mira as Canderous' daughter, Bao-Dur in charge of Endar Spire instead of Carth Onasi among others.

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