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Originally Posted by Kalaxia View Post
I messed around with scripting for a bit.. I remember when I tried to do some stuff 2 years ago there was some really screwy things going on with certain things.

For starters, the ncs's from the compiler that comes with the kotor tool don't seem to work properly for me, even if its flagged for KOTOR1. I had to use hazard's compiler.

Even with that, nothing I modified would take effect via the k_def_buff file. From my end, it looks like this file is basically doing nothing.. at least for "regular" mobs, that I saw.

Modifying the k_ai_master file definately does work for me. You can SetMaxHitPoints and whatnot, and you see it work in game just fine. I can add 100 health to mobs and I know the mobs have 100 more health. You just need to make sure you set special trigger flags so it doesn't keep adding the health or stats multiple times.
Uh, thanks.

This mod does work. Provide a specific example of your problem or I will consider your posts spam. I have seen that this mod is working in some circumstances (all I tested it in) yet you have provided no example for me to test against, just told me about how you used to do so and so. There is a reason why this mod is different than Talchia's - otherwise what would have been the point?

On my side, I am by no means an expert scripter... but KotOR Tools compiler seems to work just fine And if you would provide some sort of example for testing, I will try to verify then fix your claims... PC character level, planet and module you are in, who you were fighting.

k_def_buff does work in KotOR. It does not in TSL.

In KotOR, I have yet to figure out how the game does use k_def_buff, which is probably why Talchia put the guts of k_def_buff (as I saw Pavlos noticed once...) *inside* of k_ai_master. It is not done in any .utc's (thank God), my guess is that it is doing it in the module AreaOnEnter, which are decompilable because of their include files.

Again, if you do want to help me/want to see this mod work the way it is expected to, provide me an example.... don't tell me about how you did this and that, or someone else did something. This is how I did this, let me fix THIS.
************************************************** ****************************

EDIT: Kalaxia, I apologize for somehow missing your the post that is two-up... I only read the last post before this and missed your testing description. Thank you!

From my research, I have found that the reason Talchia did it how he did is that k_def_buff only gets called by certain NPC's in their specific OnSpawn script. This does not help me very much, of course, as we want it to effect every NPC opponent.

After REALLY searching these forums, I see now that this little mod of mine is not nearly as original as I thought.... I wish Evil Q has let me in on his work in this area, but I guess he doesn't hang Holowan much anymore...

Stoffe has released code snippets that will do exactly what Talchia's mod does, actually equivalent code that can be held in a separate script. It is just a higher level rehash of k_def_buff, coded like a pro (as in, uh, I dunno how to code like that....), but works the same as what I have done.

The main issue: k_ai_master must be altered as well as k_def_buff if it is to effect EVERY NPC you battle. I did not realize this, and would have had I researched the exact topic ON THIS FORUM more vigorously. I consider this a lesson learned.... for about the millionth time.

So, I will be releasing an embarrassing update to the mod shortly, with an altered k_ai_master that calls k_def_buff OnPerception, just as did the original Talchia mod. Really, the only significant difference between what Talchia did and what this mod should/will do, is make it easier to change your "hardcore" level by editing a much smaller, more directly focused script, namely k_def_buff and not the monstrous k_ai_master.

Also, I need to add in a little widget stoffe reminded me of... we need to make sure the effect is only applied to any enemy NPC only once....

So, Kalaxia, my apologies for the incompleteness of the mod, and your testing notes. They have been helpful!

EDIT #2:This link provides the original source and location inside of k_ai_master for the original HARDCORE mod;

This link
provides stoffe's code, to see a more elegant way of accomplishing Preston's/my code.

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