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So, I finished another ME2 run today and I realised that it was starting to get difficult to track who has done what amongst my various previous playthroughs. I figured I should make a checklist to make things easier when ME3 comes around. Of course, rather than just keep things simple, I had to go and make an Excel sheet with drop-down menus for everything. After all that effort I figured others might be interested in it as well. Here's a preview detailing the results of my latest playthrough (based on a downloaded ME1 save):

It's not super fancy, but gets the job done. EDIT: File is available via Bioware Social site -

If there are any suggestions to improve it, by all means please share them. The original is in 2007/2010 XLSX format. There's also a legacy XLS version for older Excel/OpenOffice users. I have tested it with OpenOffice (and fixed a couple of bugs affecting the XLS in the latest version).

Obviously this reveals pretty much every quest and decision in the game, so don't go looking at it if you haven't finished the game at least once. Although I would guess that pretty much anyone reading this thread at this juncture has already done so.

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