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I am resubmitting this mod with several changes, thanks to Kalaxia for pointing out the shortcomings of what I had done.... I tested very specific cases, and indeed it turns out I was lucky/unlucky enough to test scenarios where k_def_buff was being called on

I now realize, as will you if you follow the links provided in the last post, that MANY people have done just what I have done here, but simply for their own private purposes. As embarrassing as this is, still what is done is done, and I have released it... so I need to fix it and have it work correctly!

To accomplish this, guess what.... I have had to modify k_ai_master

Thankfully, through this little process, I have added a few things that were not in the original version, but that will make the mod work *more* properly and save you from impossible Firaxa sharks

Also, this mod will no longer alter k_def_buff whatsoever.... now I realize why it was eliminated in TSL, as between a .2da and k_ai_master, the buff script is mostly useless!!

However, this mod does not prevent the old versions k_def_buff from being used by the game, so in some circumstances, having the my old k_def_buff ALONG WITH either this new version or with the original Talchia, your game will be ridiculously stupid hard.... because as my original testing did prove, some enemies do use the k_def_buff script.

I am editing the first post now to reflect a few new changes I made, buffing droids and beasts a little just to provide *some difference* to all of the previous variants.

Also, it should be noted - this mod is going to be extremely user-customizable, which is the one benefit perhaps of a released public mod... if anyone wants to tweak the values, they are well commented in the qg_hardcore.nss this is included in the "Source for Modders" folder of the download. Editing values there is as simple as changing numbers in any document, and if that is all you change, compilation will be automatic

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