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Question I seem to have a rather unique KSE problem...

I've lurked all over the internet looking at any request for help even similar to mine, 90% of them were silly admin errors, the rest had mod incompatibilities.

I have successfully used KSE in the past on multiple occasions with both Kotor I & II, though I don't know which version(right now 3.3.3), but for some reason it doesn't want to work for me. It opens up just fine, no error messages, running it in Admin(i do the same for Kotor I & II) I am able to edit just fine, also receiving no errors. I add feats no problem, they show up in game, I edit credits, light/dark, etc. not a single problem, but if I try to add Force Powers, it either adds some, but not all, none, or takes away powers I got in game. I am properly applying and committing(hence it working with everything else I do) and I have removed all of my mods. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Currently editing only TSL
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