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Well since the posts were lost, I'll explain it again. When we're talking about banning "assault weapons" it would be helpful if you define what an assault weapon is. The internationally recognized definition is a rifle that has a selective fire option that enables it to fire in automatic mode. Since those firearms have already been made illegal as of the 1986 amendment to the National Firearms Act, we are left with a purely subjective definition which bans small arms that are actually less dangerous than legitimate hunting rifles. A .223 round isn't as deadly as a .30-06. Think about it. Military weapons are geared for wounding more than killing because a dead soldier takes out one soldier. A wounded one takes out 2 or more.

Not that it should be specific to hunting since we as Americans were expected to come to our country's aid with our own weapons. Technically we are supposed to be able to own the weapons our military has to come to the aid of the country.

Of course most of the people for the ban would rather we not have any firearms at all.

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