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Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
Was this sarcasm? I really hope it was.
In a word......yes. Jmac, er I mean Bart, does like to serve up a lot of sarcasm in these parts.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I agree with you, Tommycat about responsible gun ownership. I have always advocated that the person that purchases a firearm is responsible for its use. It is time for states and the federal governments to write that into law. You buy a gun for someone that later uses that gun in a crime, then you should be held accountable for that crime. Please don’t give me that, but what if the gun was stolen. If it was stolen, then how could you be held responsible for its use? I hope people are at least smart enough to know you have to file a police report for a stolen weapon. It is also necessary to file the report to recover the cost from your homeowners/tenant homeowner’s policy.
Overall, don't really have a problem with having to register sales of weapons. Do have one caveat about the rsponsibility part. Insofar as it can be demonstrated that you bought the weapons knowing that the people were going to use them w/criminal intent (in which case you're an accessory anyway) or knowingly didn't report a stolen firearm, then there should be a penalty. If you purchase a weapon for someone who later decides to use that weapon in the commission of a crime w/o your knowing their intent (say you bought it for their self-protection or to use at a range), then no penalty should have to apply to you. If you took that for granted, then we basically agree on that issue too.

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