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Exclamation Mandalorian Problem?

I reskinned Mandalore and all the mandalorians in the TSL, even made a custom skins for all mandalorians with names [Bralor, Kelborn, Kex..] and I changed their armours to look like Mandalore's armour..

My problem is - when I enter Harbinger in the beginning of the game, ALL dead republic soldiers look like Kelborn [from my reskin], and once they looked like Kreia [when I tested the mod with other mods installed].
I created new lines in appearance.2da [for Bralor, Kelborn.. ] and changed their .utc files [for armour/model change].. Don't know if that could be the problem? It's obvious I messed up somewhere, but I don't know where?

Any ideas?

I'm new at modding so any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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