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Wink Try this.

Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Thanks for your mod looks great.

I've only noticed two minor problems Mira and T3 neither of their names appear above their heads on the Blue strip, it's just blank.

In case the original author's not around, anyone know how to fix this?
I haven't tested this mod already, but if you have tk102 Kotor Savegame Editor try this:

1) open KSE editor
2) choose the savegame with the Mira-T3 bug, open branches with the +
3) click the + of the NPC field
4) click the + on the Mira field
5) click any of Mira's fields, Soundset i.e.
6) now click on the Mira field (behind Kreia) and now her name will show on the grey right panel, under NPC name
7) re-type her name, Mira, in the field on the right again!! and check for any unwanted spaces after her name just in case ...
8) click on Apply
9) click on Commit Changes
10) that should do it, repeat process for T3-M4 dude ...

hope that helps

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