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((oh very well then we'll do a slight time skip. We've already planned what we were doing anyway ))

Ulrich keyed in the galaxy map the coordinates to the Helix Nebula: their chosen destination. There an Alliance Research facility was situated on a human colony world labelled Osiris, within the Harding System.

Hopefully they wont be tailed by Cerberus Opperatives on their way, or to the most of their worries: already be waiting for them.

Ulrich walked into the cockpit where the Hanar floated amongst the ships controls. "I've keyed in the coordinates to the Helix Nebula. We ought to arive their within a few hours." he informed Nau'tuan, or "Ghost" as some of the crew members refered to him. ( )

__________________________________________________ _______________________

As everyone was dismissed, Tuhrop approached their Asari guest. "Quirinius, right?" he greeted. "May I simply call you Quiri? Its much easier..."

He crossed his arms. "Anyway, back to the point. Given under these circumstances of bringing you aboard my ship to patch you up, theres the question of what we do with you. As you are undoubtly aware, we are heading for Osiris, within the Helix Nebula. Do you have someplace to go?"
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