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Attempting to avoid the joystick!

Heya, folks.

While cleaning out some old boxes with come acient CD's in them, you'll never guess what I found... Ahhh X-wing, Tie Fighter, X-wing VS Tie Fighter... Suddenly my eyes were filled with tears of nostalgic joy, remembering weaving bewteen acient renderings of blocky Star Destoryers, shooting down worthless rebels and using: "Space Bombs"... The physics of which were a little confusing! Why did they fall!?

I slapped the little blighters into the DvD drive and found they still worked! They didn't want to install, but a little google work soon found a patch that fixed the compatability issue with Windows 7. Thanks for that, google.

What google couldn't give me is a way to play these games with the keyboard and mouse. The games demanded I use a joystick... Something I didn't know people still used! I looked around and found PPJoy, but it doesn't seem to like Windows 7 very much, and Windows 7 doesn't seem to like it! A quick search didn't find much on your forum... Can anyone help me find a way to play these timeless classics with just a keyboard and mouse?
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