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Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
Just FYI....I believe there is a compatability issue with Qui-Don Jorn's HOTOR Saber looks like they share a common dialog file name for Darth Sion....The quickest fix appears to be temporarily remove the existing "sion.dlg" file (from Hotor) from your Override in order to play my mod.....If not the Sion's dialog will not fire during the battle with Darth Poxus and you'll just be stuck.....

See if I can't put together a little patch to fix it. Thank you.
YEP. I saw that too!
All mine is doing is firing a saber replace script. sion_sbrrepl.ncs.

[CODE][void main ()

object oNPC1 = GetObjectByTag("DarthSion", 0);
object osaber1 = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAPON ,oNPC1);
object oNewsaber = CreateItemOnObject("sion_lghtsbr_135",oNPC1);

if (GetIsObjectValid (osaber1))
AssignCommand(oNPC1, ActionEquipItem(oNewsaber,INVENTORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAP ON));
DelayCommand(0.5, SetLightsaberPowered(oNPC1, TRUE, FALSE, FALSE));


I dont know if you need this but there it is anyway..

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