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Hm it looks like some of this thread got deleted somehow, so feel free to re-post your stuff if you want.

A little update, it's taking me a while to do because I'm just learning to script but I think I made a good bit of progress so far:

Dak will spawn after Roland Wann tells you about breaking into the Sith base. He will approach you... (note that his appearance is still being worked on and his head is just a placeholder at the moment)
Show spoiler

And you have to initiate conversation. Some snippets of his pre-recruit dialog (not in order so don't let that confuse you):

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And Dak in the party (portrait notwithstanding )
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Special thanks to Bead-v, HarIII and Qui-Gon Glenn getting me up to this point.

Now, I have my sidequest chosen. After you unlock Dak's dialog (I don't think it will take much because I want the player to be able to take part in this sooner than later), he will get a holo message thing from a Republic officer (note that names haven't been chosen yet). In the message the officer will tell Dak to report to the Republic Academy on Carida to receive his mission. I'm not going to spoil the mission just yet though. Basically, however, the player will be allowed to travel to the new location!

The first module will be a re-skinned Yavin station, which is the Republic Station. From there you will be able to take a shuttle to the adacemy. Module for that has not been chosen yet, but I've been tossing around a few ideas.

Questions, comments, and criticisms are encouraged!

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