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Shogun scores 92 in PC Gamer UK

Originally Posted by PC Gamer
We’ve played and reviewed Shogun 2 and awarded the game a score of 92 and an Editor’s Choice award. The review appears in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, on-sale February 16.

Why did it get that score and the Editor’s Choice award? Try improved AI that attacks from the sea and uses terrain to its advantage, an online clan system with excellent matchmaking that encourages teamworks between allies, and the artful realisation of the Sengoku period. We say that “Shogun 2 is the Total War series back on form,” and that it “boasts the most outrageous hats in martial history.
That score should, of course, be taken with an Atakebune full of salt, not least because these are the same charlatans that gave Empire, in its original, bug-ridden, near unplayable form a 94.

I have to confess I haven't paid any attention to this game, even though it is a Total War game, so I'm hoping it'll be a pleasant surprise, and that I'll learn something about Japanese history while playing.
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