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My opinion of TSL is that it makes me very angry and frustrated. Not only was it a rush job where half the game ended up on the cutting room floor and the end result looked the part, but it felt pointless.

Save or kill the Jedi Masters? Doesn't matter, they die anyway. Nar Shadaa is, and always will be, a crap-sack. Korriban was too short to be much fun. Dantooine was a sucker punch if you've played the first, as it systematically goes out of its way to take a gigantic whiz all over all you did in Knights 1 and then rub your nose in it.

It was great to see T3-M4 take a few levels in toughness, and while HK-47 was his usual misanthropic self, he And's like he learned nothing from his time cracking heads for Davik. Swaggering, boastful, unrepentant, going back to burning worlds for sport when he said in the first game that his people needed a new direction...The only way I was able to buy it was that he was delivering my DSM Exile exactly the Mandalorian stereotype he'd been expecting. ("You aren't Revan. Why am I wasting my time with you?")

The rest of my party sniped and squabbled for my Exile's attention and affections like courtiers around a king. The icing on the cake was finding out that you'd put some kind of Force compulsion on them, wittingly or not. I was less concerned with being able to get their stories and more interested in manipulating them. And after you unlocked their Force potential, they had nothing further to say or do with you. I really missed Mission Vao or a character like her. Mission was so sunny and sweet that it counterbalanced a lot of the dark stuff. I missed Jolee with his smart-ass remarks and wise insight. Here, no such luck.

So, I end up with a quest that doesn't matter, a crew I don't like very much, planets and people that hate you no matter what you do, and a gigantic mess of an ending. The only way I tolerate playing it is on the Dark Side. If you're going to be treated as a monster, and if the whole thing is pointless, you might as well reap the benefits.

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