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Y'see, this is where I'm stumbling into a big problem when trying to understand the GFFA.

You have these mystics on Tython who discover they can pull strings on the web of life to do some pretty nifty things. Inevitably, because sentient beings are what they are, they start mangling it to fit ideology. Some people want to use their ability to manipulate the web to solve problems, Others are saying "We should use this to rule others." And these two factions go to war over and over again, with any moderates steamrolled out of existence and both party lines hardening to the point of fossilization.

The end result? Men and women who have too much power, no checks on that power, want to destroy the other faction completely (by conversion or death), and turn the galaxy into a blood-soaked battleground trying to impose their ideology over the whole galaxy as "right," fighting the same oversized gang war for 25,000+ years, solving absolutely nothing, and killing untold trillions in the crossfire.

The Force gives them the ability to do incredible and awesome things, but look what it does to the people who use it.

* If you're Jedi, then those who can't feel the Force are sheep to tend. If you're Sith, they're sheep to slaughter...but everyone else is still sheep.

* If you're Jedi, you're cut off from your family, told not to make friends, punished for making connections with other people, and exiled if you have a child, spouse, etc. The Order is Mother. The Order is Father. The Order are your friends; trust the Jedi Order.

* If you're Sith, you're either tested by having to kill your loved ones...or you go so bat guano crazy on the Dark Side that you kill them impulsively. Either way, the jealous Force wants no competing passions, no conflicting loyalties, nothing that could possibly get between a addict and their, a Adept and the Force.

* If you're Jedi, you're told to make yourself dead inside. There is no emotion...there is no passion..."don't grieve for those lost. If you have the proper attitude, you should celebrate their passing because they're part of the Force" (aka "the only thing that matters").

* If you're a Sith, the only thing you're allowed to feel is rage, anger, pain, and power-lust.

* If you're a Jedi, you're taken away from your family at infancy or early childhood by some jackass with a lightsaber, shut up in an Enclave for 12 years until someone either deigns to train you, you're thrown out like trash, or shoved into a dead-end job in the Service Corps. If you're one of the "lucky" ones that gets trained, expect to die horribly (but doing some small good in a rather uncaring universe).

* If you're Sith, you're at least recruited at the age of consent for what is inevitably a short and brutish life, but great for making everyone else in your path hurt just as badly as you do. (This is the only GOOD thing I can say for the Sith)

And if you're an ordinary citizen and the lightsabers show up, bend over and kiss your shebs goodbye because you're just so much collateral damage. The Jedi will at least feel bad when you end up dead.

The Force seems jealous, cruel, isolating, insanity-inducing, and frankly doesn't give a bantha's butt about either short, being a Force Sensitive is the absolute worst fate someone can be inflicted with...but, hey, at least it means you're a player on the board and not just one of the pawns killed in the gang war crossfire.

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