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Please Dear God Leave Blizzard alone. I love blizzard games.

I randomly thought about Activision the other day which never happens. Wow. Guess that was a sign. A disturbance in the Force that something terrible has happened.

Oh the long since passed glorious days. The three stooges for NES--epic classic for 8 bit goodness.

MechWarrior 3050 for SNES and all its glory. (Come on I *know* we have mechwarrior fans here that know what I'm talking about!)

It is sad indeed. I never got into guitar hero myself but personally as an outsider even I have to say the effect it had was undeniable. How families could get together and rock out together. A game you could actually play with your family.

The frenzy of people who could never truly be rockstars in real life rejoicing in their living room, making it their stadium and at least living their own piece of what it would be like to be a rock legend.


That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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