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What I felt? intrigued is probably the best word.

I guess my oppinion is almost the complete opposite of Allronix', I found the first to be a perfection of the SW formula, a cheery romp through a universe where everyone is either a saint or satan. Mission in particular frustrated me, as her being part of the crew didn't make much sence, since when does a street urchin make a good super-soldier? In short, while I enjoyed the first, I never cared much for my companions, or the mission, and my brain was forced to give up any thought about immersion. Sure, the mood was cheery, but in a "standard" feelgod movie way.

Which is why TSL blew me away, I came expecting another SW game, and instead got the result of someone looking at the SW universe and wanting to push the limitations it puts on a game to the limits. A villain who wants to destroy the force with good reason. A crew that in adition to being believably capable of kicking ass, was deep enough that I actually cared about how they thought. A universe that utilized it's bleak setting to make it more believable and interesting. A main quest that I actually cared about because, while the universe was technically at stake, it was the development of the PC that was the focus.

And just to answer some of Allronix' points.

but it felt pointless
Each to their own I guess, K1 was about the saving/destruction of the universe by the PC, K2 was about the PC him/herself. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on which is more meaningfull.

Save or kill the Jedi Masters? Doesn't matter, they die anyway
Sure, but how you dealt with them mattered for who the exile was, and the meeting becomes rather diferent depending on what you choose. In that way Taris was worse in K1, what you did there had absolutely no effect.

Dantooine was a sucker punch
IIRC: Dantooine was screwed in K1, I don't see how K2 ruined it by giving an interpretation of what happened next.

For the rest, I'm pretty sure we'll have to agree to disagree, as we seem to want and expect completeley different things from our games.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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