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The philosophy angle was its only redeeming feature. I've said in other places that Kreia, as much as I disliked her, probably had the right idea about the Force being uncaring and cruel. Atton, as much as I wanted to give him 200 credits and leave him in the Red Sector of Nar Shadaa, had a scathingly brutal grain of truth in his rant about "men and women, arguing over religion while the galaxy burns."

It had the side effect of an Alan Moore and Grant Morrison binge. Beautifully miserable illustration of how truly screwed up the situation was, brilliant deconstruction of everything that you thought was cool about said universe, saying a lot of things that probably needed to get said...

But in the end? You're left looking over your stacks of Silver Age comics and you can't un-see Rorschach and Ozymandias.

God knows I don't mind the occasional dark piece (Blake's 7, the aforementioned Alan Moore comics), but it's a measure of the pretentious to say only the bleak stuff has merit. KOTOR was what convinced me to give the GFFA another chance after being disgusted by Attack of the Clones. KOTOR 2 almost proved that it didn't merit the second chance after all.

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