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I remember being vastly unimpressed at first. I lie. At the very first I was so happy for finally having my hands on KotOR II (although the waiting was far from big) that I played it from dusk to dawn and I couldn't really tell the difference between what I had in my hands and K1. And it was awesome, as much as it felt like a K1 expansion pack, it was exactly what I wanted. Next few days came and I was mesmerized by Atton's remarks and Kreia's quotes. Everything nice and eerie (Peragus was somehow spooky the first time you play it, although it completely loses the magic on the next playthroughs. As I've said once, it would be nice in another kind of game, not in one you're supposed to play several times. That's why it feels like such a drag. As for Telos, well, Telos was just poorly done), with a creepy Sith Lord aboard a ship with invisible Sith assassins, dead bodies, malfunctioning droids and whatnot. I t even had a hand severing. I was having a blast.

Then Telos came. Jesus, I was stuck on the Citadel for hours, running uninteristing errands, meeting bland characters and trying to solve broken quests - though I didn't know that at the time ("Batono" still haunts me to this day). Okay, the surface was a little better and once I hit the Polar Regin things began to look better. Imprisonment, more silver HKs, ok, I felt in peril once again. Good. Oh, and I can use the Ebon Hawk now? Amazing, I was ready to explore the Galaxy Map as I did on the first game.

But there were no real good planets as I'd find out later.

I started with Dantooine and I was enjoying the dejà-vu with a little change here and there. Salvagers, Khoonda and a Civil War to spice things up. The whole feeling began to crumble as I noticed this Dantooine was smaller than the first. And what's worse, smaller and most of the areas were not even new to begin with. If I recall correctly I left Dantooine before completing the quest there. Vrook wouldn't die from old age anyway.

Then I hit Nar Shaddaa, possbly the biggest disappointment, only second to the completely maimed/cloned Korriban. The way Atton talked about it, it sounded like K2's Taris. Oh, what amazing memories I had of Taris. That's what Telos should have been like. I mean, Telos AND Peragus. Okay, it was darker and grittier, and people on the street begged me for money, not unlike Taris Undercity. Expected. But the vibrant life I felt whenever I was on the Upper City of Taris I never saw anywhere in Nar Shaddaa. And that frustrated me a lot. It was like the game wasn't even trying to bring the worldwide city to life. Tattoine had a lot more going on than Nar Shaddaa, or so I thought. I guess I got into that Quarren's hideout, found Zez and welcomed Mira aboard then left for good.

Then there was Onderon. Blockade, yeah. I heard some Onderonian soldier talking about it back in Telos so, nice, there was some immersion to the game. I'm then forced to attempt a landing on the wilderness of Dxun - probably one of the best places on the entire game, which, ironically, isn't even a planet. Meeting the mandalorians was nice, but yet another dejà-vu was better: Mandalore, from clan Ordo made my day. When I heard I was going to the "massive" city of Iziz, I felt uneasy: massive, right. That's what they said about Nar Shaddaa and look at what happened.

I couldn't be more right. Iziz (and thus Onderon) was not much more than four modules (out of which two where the cramped landing pad and the lacking spaceport) and the Royal Palace, which ends up being much more interesting than the rest of the planet. The fact it was so small didn't bothered me, actually. KotOR, after all, didn't have many bigger planets. What did grind my gears was the fact that it didn't have enough interesting characters to fill those areas. As always, I felt like I was exploring a ghost town, not a thriving city. I'll admit I had some fun trying to find my way out of the planet but it mostly boring. By that time I was almost decided that K1 was by far better.

So next on line was Korriban. And we all know how bad it sucked. After I was finally done with the Hidden Tomb (I recall thinking at the time it was bad deal to change all of the tombs on the Valley for that one) I was very frustrated at the developers, God and humanity. What had they done to my beloved game?

And that feeling stuck when I went through Dantooine again, Dxun and Onderon one last time (the last good bit in the game) and the Ravager. By the time I arrived at Malachor, the game was playing itself. My character was a level 30ish Jedi Guardian Watchman who didn't even needed to heal anymore. And I didn't care. End.

Game stayed on the shelf while I replayed KotOR I to feel better. Meanwhile, I learned how badly the game was cut and I started reading tidbits of the story. I decided that it was mostly interesting and that I had somehow missed good parts of it. Then I played it again, and again and again and I never liked it as much as the first game but I didn't hate it anymore. I played it so much that it had grown in me, the story made sense I was convinced it could be a hell of a game if it was completed. Not as good as the first but still good. So, I still need to play the restoration mod to decide. Hell, why not now?


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