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I have this to add.... the topic of the sermon was a good one, that I wish more Christian's would follow - lose your church but keep your religion. It is your relationship with God, and since it is all in your own mind, why not keep it there?

I am not saying that God does not exist (although I have my own opinion) but I am saying that organized religion quite often does a disservice to their patrons, by feeding them a bunch of contradictory crap. That, and you get to sit next to a bunch of once-a-week Christians, who are "saving themselves" by going to Church, like a drone bee called by the queen.

Critical thinking is a skill you obviously have Tysy, otherwise you wouldn't have had such an awful experience that day. You can believe in God and not believe in your pastor, or your church.

As to where Hitler and his ilk should go.... as j7 noted, not our place to call it, but I tend to think that if "hell" exists, heaven is empty.

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