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Originally Posted by Darca Lar View Post
I was looking at a candle that I lit, just watching the flames dance on the wick and for some reason started comparing it to a lightsaber. The fire on a candle sits on a wick, just as the blade of a lightsaber sits on its hilt. However, the flame is free-flowing while the lightsaber is a straight laser. Flames go a certain distance based on heat, but today's lasers continue to travel until something stops it. Right now I feel pretty stupid thinking about something that doesn't exist, and I'm no scientific inventor but I like to dream. And now I'm not sure where I'm going with this...if you have any input or feel like talking about your own concept ideas feel free.
This idea is well considered. Indeed, a candle light is a lightsaber that burns at a lower intensity, but the basic principle of it is the same. In small quantities, water is incinerated by the candle flame like force lightning is. Candle light is not as substantial in the sense that it can colide with another physical object, but the burn effect is the same as well.

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