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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Ola, I better get back into preparing those body models :-S
Think I had an early version of your script laying about...
I wouldn't worry about it just yet, it's not going to be completed any time soon. I'm not blessed with the same amount of free time as I enjoyed whilst working on Solomon's Revenge, haha.

It's going to be an interesting project I think. There's definitely less constrain on storytelling when compared to a mod, and when developing content (eg: models, new areas) you don't have to worry about getting it working in KoTOR, unless of course you choose too, as anybody who contributes towards the project in terms of models/maps are free to distribute them as mods or use as portfolio work or whatever.

16 issues scripted so far though. The story is split into 3 acts, with the first 2 more or less complete, so I'm guessing when it's all done there's going to be around 24-27 issues.

And if anybody is interested the full title is: Brotherhood of Shadow: Legacy of Sin.

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