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Quirinius nodded crisply toward Captain Tuhrop. "Of course," she replied with a slight smile, "although, for obvious reasons, I prefer if you would pronounce it KEER-ee." She hoped that none of the others on board the ship would laugh at this little explanation, but the young asari had nothing to worry about on that particular point! With a barely-audible sigh of relief, she decided to reveal where her unusual moniker came from. Relaxing, she began:

"My--father as you might call him, although we asari have no real such term, was a krogan. His name was also Quirinius, and he was a lieutenant warlord with a...fondness for exotic dancers." The color of her smooth cheeks deepened to a slightly darker shade of blue. "My mother did not want me to follow the same path she did, especially in my Maiden stage. She wanted to instill strength and power in me, and so she named me after her partner. Not that I mind, of course, except most people I encounter expect to meet a male once they hear my name. Once they see my face, though..."

She laughed. "It's quite amusing to observe the confusion and shock in their eyes! Uh--to return to the matter at hand, Captain Tuhrop," she continued with a slight clearing of her throat, "I have no place to go except back to Omega. That would be...inadvisable. Once you have a large group of people try to kill you back on that world, it's almost impossible to erase the bounty on your head. I made an utter fool of the salarian organizer of the chess tournament, and if I return to Omega, he's sure to make me pay for it."

Quirinus folded her hands in her lap. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life running and hiding--or, at least the remainder of my Maiden years."
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