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I do not wish to offend the Christians in the room, several of whom I have a great deal of respect and admiration for.

However, I find it hard to swallow when in response to inquiries of faith that you would respond with letter and verse.

Who wrote this stuff? Really? A man did. A FLAWED man, if you believe in Original Sin.... (I could go on and on on that topic, if you like). Assuming that the writings are the true representation of God's will is not only not logical, it ignores history. Faith in God, a higher power, whatever, is not crazy, but taking the great religious texts of the world as anything more than food for thought is turning off your brain.

@stingerhs - excellent points about power and purpose. Control.

There are no chosen people. The Jews are not better than the Buddhists. Christians are not entitled to more than a Hindi. How could a Jain possibly go to hell?!?!?!?!?
Any pastor that tells you otherwise has an express ticket to HE-double-hockey-sticks. If God really felt that way, he would be imperfect. And a remarkable jackass.

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