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Quirinius told the story of her Krogan father and her growing up. Then went back to the topic of her current situation. Explaining that she couldnt go back to Omega, given her circumstances and life/death situation... not that that was uncommon for every citizen living on Omega.

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life running and hiding--or, at least the remainder of my Maiden years."

"Then perhaps a compromise is in order." Turhop proposed. "I may have an offer: as you may realise, its not as simple as hiding out on this ship for the remainder of your years... mind you, Asari live for such a bloody long time." he jested. "I do have a crew position available to you. You work for me, and I'll provide you food and a place to sleep. Plus the standard crew wagers. Far better, and honest life than being a Omega."

"If you are interested, I'll need to know what type of skills you have."

__________________________________________________ _________

"This One thanks you Tom, your assistance is most welcome. It was a bit of a hassle turning around mid-jump to return to the Sahrabarik System from going to the Farther System, but we encountered no hostility, which It counts as fortunate. It only hopes our journey into the Traverse is just as uneventful,"

"Any time, Ghost." Tom acknowledged. "And with luck, we'll be off of Cerberus' hit list before they even know it."

He walked towards the control panel to the side of the wall, and flicking a few switches. Doing the whole "techgeek-to-ship inteface routine" Tom always labbeled it as. "If not, well... We're all hoping you do the impossible for us Ghost. No preasure." he smirked.
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