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Takeda took off the second Karela looked away from him. Running would help clear his head. He said he would scout ahead and he intended to do just that. Karela wanted to get Akagi's people to the mountains, and he would make sure nothing was waiting for them there. He was enjoying the quiet as he moved from tree to tree. That was until he heard an all too familiar chuckle. He ignored his demonic brother and stopped once he reached the mountains.

Ice is a powerful element Takeda. It is cold and deadly yet at the same time elegant and beautiful. You can use your abilities to be on the attack, like a deadly storm. Or you can defend others and yourself like a mountain.
His mother's words echoed in his head.

Takeda shook his head, lost in his past. He checked the area, and made sure there weren't any hidden attackers. After deeming the surrounding area safe he took off back towards the others. He stopped running once he reached the others. The first person he saw was Ryuu.

"The journey from here to the mountains is safe. We won't encounter any attackers," Takeda reported.
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