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In my first playthrough i felt a bit... bored.
There was nothing "cool", "exciting" going on, it felt like i was going through the motions, because the game forced me down that path and not because i wanted or cared about the story and the characters, i coudn't connect with the story at all.

I kept waiting for the game to kick it up a notch, thinking, the next planet will be better (Onderon/Dxun was better), more exciting, but it just never happened.

And the ending pffff... Good God does this thing never ends, please make it stop!!!!!!

Oh and the story, the whole kill the force thing, was the most unstarwarsy story in the EU, beating NJO, since i was way more of a Star Wars fan, then RPG fan, it kinda pissed me off.

After a while i learned to appreciate TSL quite a bit, pay atention to the story, but still think they should have added more cool stuff to do in the middle part of the game, and the ending in just undefendable.

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