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"Skills?" Quirinius smirked. "Never ask an asari that, if you get my meaning. However, I do understand what you're trying to say, and I do have skills beyond the...usual ones ascribed to my species. Most prominent among these is sensing danger primarily through the element-zero nodules in my skull. They tingle when my subsconscious mind senses hostiles nearby, and I react accordingly." Apologetically, she glanced at Rogue. "I sensed you, for instance," she revealed, "and if Kallic hadn't stopped me, I would have sought you out and sprung to attack! That said, I have another...special ability."

With a wink, she stood up from where she had been seated and took a shiny metal brooch off of her unisuit. Throwing it straight up into the air, she fell into a full trance state. Thus, it took ten full seconds for the golden wing to fall right back into the smooth palm of her hand. "I slow down time. Very well, in fact. However, I can only activate this ability when I'm not overloaded with too much adrenaline. That's why I wasn't able to defend myself this way and gun down all the...vorcha-loving scum who tried to kill me on Omega."

Hearing Kallic's sudden word "prejudice," she stopped, startled. "I--I'm very sorry."
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